October 2003 Update



* School days are here. The kids all like their teachers- and are starting to get use to the "school" routine. Marissa and Dan are attending Hebrew school on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Dan is back to Boy Scouting. He recently went on a hike up Mt Washington. They left Friday evening and returned Sunday afternoon. It was said to be one of the clearest days for a hike. He also had a chance to see a Moose!! He also recently attended the Boy Scout Jamboree with 7000 Scouts attending!

* Andrew and I survived his 11th Birthday. He chose to have 5 friends stay overnight. Marissa and Amanda bailed out and spent the night at Grammy's. (who says kids aren't smart?) Dan continues to enjoy basketball and YuGiOh. He now plays basketball on the new Xbox. He has developed his own unbeatable team with "real" NBA players that he traded around to make this ultimate team. Andrew makes him play a "regular" team when they go against each other.

* Mondays the girls have Brownies- yep- same troop this year. We have loads of fun stuff planned for the year. They are enjoying it. Amanda goes to Jazz and Tap Dance class on Thursdays (during Hebrew school hours.) All three kids have decided to join the winter swim team. Their team name is Marlins. They all attend practices on Wednesday afternoons and Friday evenings. On Monday Dan goes, while the girls are at Scouts and Tuesday the girls go while Dan is at Scouts. Andrew and I are doing the computer scoring. Should be a fun season!

*We have a new addition to our pet "menagerie," namely- Sidney, a cockatoo. Sidney was Andrew's Mom's bird who lived with his brother, Kevin the last six years. Kevin and Debbie now have a new addition- Brandon!! What a cutie. Check him and his brother, Justin out in the picture section.

* Andrew is doing well. He is now getting the kids off to school two days a week while I go to my new job as clinical instructor at St. Joseph's School of Nursing. I really enjoy it. I am still at the Convent, but only 3 or 4 nights a month.
Hope all is well with everyone!