May 2003 Update


Well, another season begins- many changes are going on.


Dan is now a Boy Scout. He is involved in a very busy troop. He had his first camp out- 2 nights-3 days with them. Of course it rained the first night. He earned his totem chip (using pocket knives). His has received his first rank of Scouter. Basketball and swim team are completed now. His current school project is a report on the state of Tennessee- complete with visual display and a 3-D project. He is also reading the biography of Michael Jordan. His big interests remain basketball and Yu-Gi-Oh.


Marissa is doing well. She is about to turn 8. She wants a sleep over party. Her ballet show is coming along well. Her school is doing The Little Mermaid. She is a starfish. She is definitely enjoying it. She recently started a Cheering class. She is very enthusiastic about it. She is one of the “bases”- as opposed to a “flier.” It’s funny to hear her talk about it. “Cause you don’t want to be a flier cause you fall”. In school, her project is the white beaked dolphin. She also has to do a report with a visual aid and a 3-D project. Marissa is still involved with Brownies.


Amanda’s newest interest is soccer. She hopes to join the team at out YMCA. She took an instructional class and enjoyed it- but was mad at the little 4-year-old boys in the class- “they keep taking the ball from me- and we’re on the same team!” She continues in gymnastics and recently earned her red star (the 3rd out of 4 preschool levels.) She will also be part of the Little Mermaid show with her ballet class. They are playing baby flounders. All in all, she’s a busy little girl. She is reading easy reading books and enjoys using her leap pad to pick out words she knows. She can also count to 86! She enjoys kindergarten and plans on going to the school talent show to sing with her classmates. Amanda is a Daisy scout this year. Over April vacation, her troop is going to a program at Camp Kittleford in Bedford, NH for a few hours where they will do crafts and stuff.