End of Summer 2003 Update


What a great summer we are having.  The kids have been doing a lot of swimming this year.  They took swimming lessons- and have completed their Red Cross levels- Amanda level 3, Marissa level 4, and Dan level 5.  Marissa learned the back dive. 


They also participated in the Amherst Alligator’s swim team.  They did very well in the local meets.  They had several spectators including Aunt MaryLou, Uncle Ed, Grammy Jane and Grandpa Bruce. Marissa wanted to start swimming the butterfly stroke.  She worked very hard at it and finally started competing in it near the end of July.  She was able to do the 100 individual medley- another goal of hers, where you swim 1 length of each stroke- fly, back, breast and free.  Her brother is also very good at this event.  Amanda has just learned the fly as well… hmmm taking after her siblings.  Not many 8 year olds can do it- let alone a 6 year old.  


We are now GSSA division 2 state champs.  It started out as a cold, misty day, but cleared up by the afternoon.  Luckily- Grammy Jane brought blankets for the kids to use.  It was great having them come and join us for the event!  Andrew screamed so loud during Dan’s 50 free- he lost his voice!  All in all a very exciting day! 


The kids did great!  Here’s a run down: (in these are how many were suppose to swim the event)


            Dan-    medley relay- 5th place (12)

                        50 freestyle- a heat winner ribbon and 12th place (45)

                        100 freestyle- 5th place (30)

                        100 individual medley- 11th place (21)

                        freestyle relay- 3rd place (12)



                        100 individual medley- 6th place (20)

                        25 breast stroke- 14 (31)

                        freestyle relay- 5th (20)



                        25 freestyle- 44 (82)

                        25 back stroke- 36  (41)

                        50 freestyle- 35 (67)

                        freestyle relay-  a heat winner ribbon


Besides swimming- we have done a few other things- day trips to the butterfly place, Davis’s (mini golf, bumper boats and ice cream) and whale watching.  We have also joined in the Amherst pool club activities- like Halloween in July, tie dye t-shirts, root beer float day, build your own Sunday – and joined the stroke and turn clinic and water polo, Dan and water games, the girls- (a three times a week for two weeks event.)  Mom’s been doing water aerobics.  We also love the hamburger hot dog cook out every Sunday evening!

Dan went to Boy Scout Camp- ask him about meeting the fox by his tent!  He did horseback riding while there.  He also earned his fire chit (he can play with campfires now!)  He attended a weeklong basketball day camp.  Uncle Ed and Aunt MaryLou were able to see him play a game the last day of camp. He was very excited when Uncle Evan came to visit and gave him a final 4 basketball and a clippers shirt.  (now maybe his Lakers basketball shirt will get a rest) 

Marissa and Amanda have been working on their Brownie Try It badges.  Marissa is helping Amanda get some of the ones she got her first year.  Amanda’s first one was “Make it Eat it.”  She served us a great meal!  Garlic chicken over noodles with fruit salad, green beans and baked stuffed apples for dessert.  She dressed up for the occasion and also set the table and served the meal.   Aunt Marian taught them a new marble game- which they really enjoy.  Marissa especial enjoyed doing Ms Mary Mack with her! 

We’ve enjoyed visits with Aunt MaryLou and Uncle Ed.  We had a lovely lobster meal and celebrated Aunt MaryLou’s birthday.  Spent a lot of time at the pool! Aunt Marian and Uncle Evan spent the day playing games and watching them play in the pool.  Uncle Evan won the basketball match with Dan, but Dan learned several new moves and got tips from him.  We went to the Japanese restaurant where they cook at the table.  We surprised Uncle Evan with a birthday song there! 

            We took a vacation to Pennsylvania.  Aunt MaryLou and Uncle Ed played tourist with us.  We visited several historical and educational sites as well as a trip to Sesame Place!  We saw an Amish farmhouse, Strasburg railroad (complete with steam engine train ride), Valley Forge National Park (with many deer) and Philadelphia- Independence Hall, Liberty Bell and Ben Franklin Court.  We also had some relaxing afternoons at their pool- and one evening they arranged a dinner for the family.  It was so good to see my Aunts, Uncles and cousins! And the food was soooo good- we especially enjoyed Uncle Ed’s French fries and chocolate Ice cream!  From there we ventured to New Jersey to attend Ellen and Erik’s wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding!  From there we stopped to see Erica and her family.  The girls are certainly growing!  It was a great time.  The kids did not want to leave!

            Shortly after our return, Aunt Shelly and Uncle George came to visit.  We spent a few days poolside- and even had a lobster dinner!  They taught us a new game- Upwords, which is just like scrabble.  Just watch out for Shelly- we found out she was a scrabble enthusiast.  Now we even have a scrabble dictionary.  Do you know the name of the little mice that dig through the snow??  Probably not- Uncle George made it up- he was confused with Boulderdash!