Part 1


Battilists unfold


            It’s 1 am mike’s asleep now”, said Vincent. Vincent is a tall man with broad shoulders and a unique mind all in one. He was the father of Mike. Happy too. But he got an offer from a guy named biosem if he could train his son, morlace’s battling skills. At age 48 he had to turn it down, but once biosem boosted the wage he couldn’t refuse. Mike and the mom, or Becky didn’t know. Becky was going to sleep; she didn’t care about anything except if here bed was in the same spot. Becky is a girl who will attack if she doesn’t get beauty sleep. That was Vincent’s cue, he opened the door and got his motorbike out and drove off to Florida were he would meet the family. When his own family found him missing they decided to move, to change their way of life after thinking that they lost their father, so they moved to a new region that was manually built for the mega monsters discovery, they moved to the closest one to Houston but there were five more, and by the time mike was on that last region, the construction workers would have built a couple more. As you can tell the land mass is increasing. More trouble making gangs have built up to stop the increasing mass. They would come back with no success. The gloomy family of two decided they would move to blue town. It isn’t that far away from they’re recent home in Houston. Mike was ok about the move, feeling destined to find his dad. It didn’t take him long to find friends to hang out with. His mom wasn’t ok about the move though. She loved Vincent and wasn’t going to give up easily. She tried the FBI, and a secret agent. None were successful. The government announced he was dead after helicopter searches and etcetera. Becky, mike’s mom, couldn’t take no for an answer. She kept on trying, loosing hope after every failure. Mike came back from a friend’s house, and saw his mom crying on her queen-sized bed. He slowly went over to her and asked, “What’s wrong”?

“ Vincent… your father… can’t find him… top agents… they… they couldn’t…”

“ We will find him, I know he’s here I can feel it!” he stared at her for a minute seeing if she was encouraged yet and then went on “ take me out of school I’ll go on a journey and find him… I’ll do it”

“ No… can’t… you’ll miss school”

“ Mom I skipped five grades… I should be in sixth grade, but I’m in eleventh”

            His mom looked at him. A flame was burning in the pupil of his eye. A courageous expression appeared on his face.

“Besides its summer I can go”

“Fine… you better pack, I will miss you, and you better not travel alone!”

“Didn’t plan on it. My friends and I will go. I’ll need a couple of things though.

            His mom and the professor got his stuff, including a cell phone, a first aid kit, and the professor trained him in every skill he knew. Mike was ready. He got his friends ready for the trip too. The next day they would leave. That day would make a couple friends non-related brothers. They would make enemies, friends, and of course bonds with them and their monsters.