Dan and Chris made Mega monsters. Mega monsters are creatures with attitude; from square one- four they all are great, and skillful partners to have in the mega monsters world. You can locate this place in your imaginative side of your brain. I dont have directions from a map or whatnot but its all up to you to try to understand this book, and to try to go on to the other parts that it contains. You will read about Mike, Lance and Speed that have an ordinary life to cool and bizarre. {REMEMBER IF YOU DON'T UNDERSTAND A CHAPTER OR PHRASE JUST CALL}{594-0250}. Ive also heard a lot of people say this book would be for an imaginative kid, but you can still read the book. Call my number if you dont get a part. 

Lets start with the introduction!

            Lets start out with the characters of the story.  Mike is a guy that would try anything to go out on in adventure without his tag along mom. Mike is a twelve-year-old boy, so is Speed but well talk about Speed next. Mike even tried running away about 20 times, But they just kept finding him, sorry. His big brother has already got a monster a 0 commander. So Mike knows a lot about these creatures. Mike is 5.4, and is clever and creative. He has great card skills and is unrivaled. Hes also got the skills of a champion.

Speed is a guy who loves to watch car races, and also loves the holidays. He loves adventures that are exciting and bizarre.  He is twelve and also planning on joining Mike on the Mega monsters adventure.

Lance is a guy that loves water and loves watching basketball games. Lance is also twelve and knows a lot about Mega monsters. He wants a journey so badly; he will do anything. He studies the creatures every other night. They are old enough to go on an adventure of their own.

Dan is a guy youll hear about in the story. Hes funny and has a Psychic Brother. Hes the 6th person in the elite 8 and will be best buds with Mike and his friends.

The mom is a nice and sensitive person.  She likes watching the cooking show. She gets carried away when it comes to keeping children safe.  She is very healthy too. She loves seeing her family, unlike Mike, Speed, and Lance. 

Professor Duke is Mike, Speed, and Lances grandfather. There are 150 M Balls to choose from.  He says you can choose only one.  He has 20 aids, 5 of them give you power up cards. Every year he makes something new.

The rivals name is Dude.  Hes cruel to mega monsters and tells them to keep battling when theyre hurt.  Hes cruel all right, and youd expect a person like that would like flowers. He takes a monster named Starcue, whos a thunder type monster. He earns a lot of money by winning with this guy.

The next people you will learn about are a group called The Commodores.  They steal lots of valuable stuff and even monsters.  The people that are in the group are Ace, Joker, Oscar, Layton, Neon, Jiro and Morlace {saying=MOR Lack} you will hear about them in the middle of the story. Ace is cunning, Morlace is the boss, and Joker has tricky Combat and Power up cards.  The rest are failures.


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